The steps for purchasing property from Notable Land are simple, and we are happy to help and answer your questions.

Step 1: Select your Ideal Property

This is a very important step! Before you make the purchase decision, we encourage you to research and confirm the property is right for you. Click here for more information about researching the property before you purchase.

Step 2: Purchase the Property

There are two ways to purchase the property – Cash Sale (pay in full) or Financed (pay in monthly installments if a financing option is available for your selected property.)

For a Cash Sale, we coordinate the closing transaction in house with stream-lined deed preparation, funding and recording. If you prefer to purchase title insurance, we offer the option to close the transaction through a title company (all title costs and fees are paid by the buyer). Some buyers prefer to carry title insurance on larger purchase properties. Click here for more information.

  • Cash Sale – Pay in Full – In House Close

    Purchase the property online by selecting "Buy Now" and completing the payment form. If you prefer, you are welcome to Contact Us to process your transaction. We accept credit and debit cards, cashier's checks, and electronic payments including wire transfers and ACH.

    You tell us how you want the title deeded and the mailing address for the recorded deed and taxes. Once full payment is confirmed, we will prepare the deed to transfer ownership of the property. We will sign the deed with a notarized signature and submit it to the county for recording. Once the deed is recorded, the county will forward the recorded copy to you. There is a $199 documentation fee for In House closings.

  • Cash Sale – Pay in Full – Title Close

    For Title Close properties, Notable Land prepares a Sale and Purchase Agreement to be signed us (the seller) and you (the buyer). This Agreement is submitted to the title company to open escrow. The title company facilitates the transaction. They conduct research to ensure the the property will be conveyed with clear title (without any liens and encumbrances), prepare the deed, receive and transfer funds, and record the deed.

    A Title Close process may take several weeks. Closing through a title company is more expensive but provides added protection which may be preferred for larger purchase transactions. We request a non-refundable ernest money deposit in the amount of $1,000 for Title Close transactions. This deposit will be credited toward the purchase price upon closing of the transaction. If you decide for a Title Close, Contact Us to start the process. Notable Land waives the documentation fee for Title Close properties.

  • Financed – Pay in Monthly Installments

    To finance the property, please Contact Us. We will work with you to finalize the down payment and monthly payment amounts, and we will send you a simple Purchase Agreement outlining the terms of sale for your review and signature. We will also send you the financing package for you to review, sign, have notarized and return to us along with the down payment and a $199 documentation fee.

    Once the documents are signed, we will provide information about setting up recurring monthly payments. The financing documents must be returned within ten (10) days to complete the transaction.

    After all payments have been satisfied pursuant to the terms of the contract, we will prepare the deed to transfer ownership, sign, notarize and record the deed with the county. Alternatively, at your request and at your expense, we will open escrow with a title company to issue title insurance and record the deed.

Step 3: Enjoy the property!